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Here at Inner Critic Chronicles, you’ll get a chance to voice your mind, keep up to date with my upcoming fantasy titles and my new and old favorite books, stay connected and updated with my social medias, and most importantly, gain friends with familiar minds and extraordinary quirks.

Hello Inner Critics!

Hello everyone!! I’m so excited that I decided to start a blog that I want to jump off my balcony, but don’t worry, I won’t.  To my Inner Critics, my name is Alexis, and I’m my own worst and best critic. Now, I won’t lie, blogging is new to me, and so before I tellContinue reading “Hello Inner Critics!”


Definition of Escape (v.) break free from confinement or control. Like many of you, I’ve tried maybe a million times to escape reality by making worlds and creating scenarios in my head that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. I’m talking about meeting vampires and turning into wolves. Yes, I know I’m interesting. All ofContinue reading “ESCAPING Reality”

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